Benefits of Prescribed Burning

red_fuelPrescribed burning removes accumulated fuels and therefore the risk of intense wildfires.

log_debThis material is an impediment to both people and planting equipment and serves as potential wildfire fuel.

pre_seedPrescribed burning can create a more favorable seedbed when regenerating trees/plants by direct seeding, planting, or natural regeneration.

pre_habPrescribed burning reintroduces a natural process that stimulates food and cover amount other benefits to which most of Arkansas’s wildlife are adapted.

com_vegOften unwanted plant species managed with herbicide and/or mechanical treatmens can be more effective when fire is part of the prescription.

ins_disResearchers are only just beginning to understand how fire and smoke can help control certain plan and animal insects and diseases in a natural ecosystem.

Burn Planning

More Information About Burn Planning

In order to perform a proper burn that is to code and safe for everyone (and every location involved), Arkansas Prescribed Fire Network has created an easy to follow checklist of items to consider when planning/conducting/contracting a prescribed burn.

The Arkansas Prescribed Fire Network

The Arkansas Prescribed Fire Network is a cooperative project of the Arkansas Prescribed Fire Council.  The purpose of the Network is to provide accurate information on the use and benefits of prescribed fire in Arkansas, provide a place where people can come to find information, post photos, learn about training and equipment locations, and find help getting their own prescribed fires accomplished safely and effectively.

Arkansas Prescribed Fire Council LogoThe Arkansas Prescribed Fire Council

The Arkansas Prescribed Fire Council (APFC) was started in 1997 as the Arkansas Prescribed Fire Committee by natural resource managers across the state to promote the benefits of prescribed fire to agency personnel and citizens. The first product of this committee was the Prescribed Fire as a Management Tool Workshop which is held once a year to educate state and federal agency personnel on the use and benefits of prescribed fire on the landscape. Over a decade later, participants now include non-government personnel and a few private landowners for a week’s worth of education and on-the-ground training and experience using prescribed fire in Arkansas.

Our Mission Statement

To facilitate communication between landowners and service providers, to provide reliable and consistent information on the tools and use of prescribed fire, and to provide a forum for the discussion of issues regarding prescribed fire in Arkansas.