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Report Wildfires: 800-468-8834
Report Prescribed Fires: 800-830-8015

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Burning Checklist

Here is an easy to follow checklist of items to consider when planning/conducting/contracting a prescribed burn.  Click an item on the checklist to view more specific information.  If you'd like to save or print this list, check out the icons in the upper right corner of the page.  If you have additional questions, or comments on the functionality consider sending us your thoughts through the Burning Issues forum.

Arkansas Fire Laws Understood
Burn Objectives Clarified
Permission Obtained
Burn Ban Monitored
Burn Plan Written
Fire Lanes Constructed
Neighbors Notified
Map Prepared
Hazards Identified
Fire Behavior Anticipated
Smoke Direction Determined
Crew Ready
Weather Predicted
Personal Protection Equipment Available
Test Burn Site Located
“Mop-Up” Discussed
Fire Extinguished

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