When trying to decide if a particular service provider is for you, the APFC recommends you consider a few important points:

  • compare a couple of service providers, if possible…this may be difficult in your area
  • request a list of 3-4 references, and then call them.  Get a feel for the type of work they do
  • request a copy of their insurance policy.  Make sure their policy is current and covers their activities
  • request a copy of a completed burn plan.  Make sure it covers objectives, contingencies, etc. Click on the burn planning links on this website for more information on what to expect in a burn plan.

The Arkansas Prescribed Fire Services Database is another location you can find reputable vendors across the state.  Each vendor has successfully completed a state-sponsored burn planning/implementing training course (or equivalent), passed a reference check, provided insurance, and a resume of prescribed fire experience.

Some of this information may not be presented in any other location, and we thought it was important. We will be adding pertinent information as we see fit, but in the mean time become familiar with elements in the burn planning section of this site.  You should ask questions about these issues, and your vendor should be able to provide reasonable answers to each.  For more general vendor/contracting information, check out Arkanas Forestry Commission page on managing your property.  It topic specific and provides some good advice on a range of topics.  Again, this site is under constant renovation and we ask you to please be patient with us, but feel free to contact us, or send us your comments and questions. We will be happy to work with you.  Thank you,  Site Administrator